Made Awake-Baby Harbor | Sarah Gray Photography, Tallahassee, FL Newborn Photographer

I’ve been holding onto this beautiful session for a while. I photographed Sarah and Harbor a few months ago and was completely honored when my favorite motherhood online publication accepted my submission for a feature on their blog. It’s such a stunning session and I’m so excited to be among such a beautiful collection of motherhood photographers with a likeminded heart for motherhood and its role.

Please go take a look at my feature on their site and then get lost in all the beauty that The Fount Collective shares.  I share my heart for photographing motherhood there and I’d love for you to read it all. Here’s a tid-bit:

“I am passionate about photographing motherhood because I am passionate about the sacred roles of motherhood. Something miraculous happens in our hearts when we have a baby to call our own. A part of us is made awake that seems to have been resting. A dormant, secluded section that, once aroused, quickly seeps to overflowing all other areas of our heart.”

You’ll have to visit The Fount Collective to read the rest and see more beautiful images from this session.





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