A Season Taking Flight: Welcome Baby Audrey | Sarah Gray Photography, Tallahassee, FL newborn and family photographer

Baby number three always rocks the balance of things in a family. The parents are officially outnumbered. When babe #3 is also the first of the opposite gender, something special happens. It seems a new season has arrived. We experienced this change of seasons when our son joined us and his two big sisters. The time before he was born is marked in my mind as a distinctly different time in our family life.

The Clark family welcomed little Audrey to join her two big brothers. The photos of the three of them are some of my favorites.

This session also makes me think of one of my favorite songs from when my oldest daughter was born. Andrew Peterson writes some of the best and anytime I photograph a family welcoming a new baby girl, the lyrics of his song play through my head.  Here is a portion:

“And the leaves were turning gold and brown
And people came from miles around
To see her when she came to town

And then I turned and walked outside
And stood beneath an autumn sky
And felt a season falling
And a new one taking flight

My baby loves me so
She loves me as I am
She lifts her little hands
Her wish is my command
I’ll pick her up forever if I can.”
-Andrew Peterson/Randall Goodgame, My Baby Loves to Dance, from Slugs, Bugs, and Lullabies

Clark family, I pray that you love this new season of your family life.



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