The Demme Family

It’s the greatest compliment when a family comes back to me a second (or third or fourth) time to photograph their growing family.  I love seeing kids grow and mature. These two siblings let me take some awesome pictures of the two of them. This family seems so close to me. I know these parents have prioritized having shared experiences together. For them, those experiences have taken them all over the world. I admire that commitment so much and PRAY that we’re laying the foundation with our little ones now, so that when they’re older they’ll still enjoy being with us.

Sarah Gray Photography, Tallahassee, Florida family, baby, and motherhood photographerDemme2018WEB-2Demme2018WEB-3Demme2018WEB-4Demme2018WEB-5Demme2018WEB-6Demme2018WEB-7Demme2018WEB-8Demme2018WEB-9Demme2018WEB-10

Sarah Gray Photography is a natural, lifestyle photographer specializing in maternitynewborn, baby, motherhood, and family photography. To inquire about booking your next portrait session, please contact Sarah at
Sarah provides lifestyle photography services in Tallahassee and along the Florida panhandle from St. marks to Destin, as well as throughout south Georgia, and everywhere else in between.

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