Josiah, 6 months

Josiah is 6 months old and he gave me and his mama a run for our money trying to get some smiles out of him. He’s such a cutie though so that helps make up for it. I mean, look at him, even without the smiles I could still just eat him up.

We’ve been so lucky to have nice weather for some of these early summer sessions. I PRAY they continue!

Sarah Gray Photography, Tallahassee, Florida newborn, baby, motherhood, and family photographerJosiahJohnson6monthsWEB-2JosiahJohnson6monthsWEB-3JosiahJohnson6monthsWEB-4JosiahJohnson6monthsWEB-5JosiahJohnson6monthsWEB-6JosiahJohnson6monthsWEB-7JosiahJohnson6monthsWEB-8JosiahJohnson6monthsWEB-9JosiahJohnson6monthsWEB-10

Sarah Gray Photography is a natural, lifestyle photographer specializing in maternitynewborn, baby, motherhood, and family photography. To inquire about booking your next portrait session, please contact Sarah at
Sarah provides lifestyle photography services in Tallahassee and along the Florida panhandle from St. marks to Destin, as well as throughout south Georgia, and everywhere else in between.

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