I am a wife, mother, photographer, and a teacher by trade. I love my husband and our two little girls who inspire and encourage me everyday. I am one lucky lady.  I love Nuberri frozen yogurt… too much.  I love to sing.  I’m a creative person and feel very trapped within myself when I don’t have a creative outlet.

Without the love and grace of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,  I would not be the person I am today.  In Him I live and move and breathe.  He gave me life, my wonderful husband, and my two sweet girls.  I couldn’t ask for more.

My Passion for Photography

I discovered my love for photography at a very early age. My dad was the “family photographer” as we were growing up and took many wonderful pictures of my brothers and I throughout our childhood on his 35mm film Olympus SLR.  That was the first real camera I can remember being interested in and shooting once I learned how those “big cameras” worked.  I was given a cheap little 110 film camera for Christmas one year as a child and loved to snap away, but was always dissatisfied with the poor quality pictures that were its result.  In high, school I spent much extra time in the photography dark-room where I loved to develop the film from the Pentax K 1000 that I borrowed from the school’s collection of cameras.  Photography has changed so much since then.

Toward the end of high school, I can remember talking with my dad about college plans and areas of study. I told him I’d really like to major in photography.  Being the photo lover that he was (and the caring father as he should be), he encouraged me to take a different track and reserve photography as a hobby that I could practice and educate myself on (without the hefty tuition payments).  Although I never once left my love for photography, I knew that his advice was right for me.  In college I bought a film SLR camera, elected to take photography classes and majored in Elementary Education where I felt right at home given my personality and love for children. It was the right decision and I will never regret it.  I loved my time as an elementary school teacher and even hope to return to it someday.  Fast forward a few years… I married a wonderful man, bought my first digital SLR (big camera), had a baby, and started snapping away without the confines of a 24 frame roll of film.  My roots are in film.  I learned my love for photography through film. I discovered my appreciation for the beauty of black and white photography in high school and college photo classes, and the vibrance of color photography along the northern California coast, on an incredible trip, when I was 17.

Although the industry has changed a LOT since my start with film (and seems to be changing with increasing speed), I absolutely love the process of studying and learning more about photography every day.  There is nothing like a picture to help us remember a time / person / event / season, and nothing like a quality print to make it accesible for many years to come (though I suppose thats a discussion for another day).  I love what I do and I would love the opportunity to share it with you.

 Grace and Peace,




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