A Season Taking Flight: Welcome Baby Audrey | Sarah Gray Photography, Tallahassee, FL newborn and family photographer

Baby number three always rocks the balance of things in a family. The parents are officially outnumbered. When babe #3 is also the first of the opposite gender, something special happens. It seems a new season has arrived. We experienced this change of seasons when our son joined us and his two big sisters. The time before he was born is marked in my mind as a distinctly different time in our family life.

The Clark family welcomed little Audrey to join her two big brothers. The photos of the three of them are some of my favorites.

This session also makes me think of one of my favorite songs from when my oldest daughter was born. Andrew Peterson writes some of the best and anytime I photograph a family welcoming a new baby girl, the lyrics of his song play through my head.  Here is a portion:

“And the leaves were turning gold and brown
And people came from miles around
To see her when she came to town

And then I turned and walked outside
And stood beneath an autumn sky
And felt a season falling
And a new one taking flight

My baby loves me so
She loves me as I am
She lifts her little hands
Her wish is my command
I’ll pick her up forever if I can.”
-Andrew Peterson/Randall Goodgame, My Baby Loves to Dance, from Slugs, Bugs, and Lullabies

Clark family, I pray that you love this new season of your family life.



Home: Baby Jack is here | Sarah Gray Photography, Tallahassee, FL newborn and family photographer

Each mama has their own, natural way with their children. Some of us are silly and playful, some are real active and vocal, others are quiet and strong. These are all excellent qualities. I tend to lean on the silly and loud side. In our house, we wear our hearts on our sleeves. This isn’t always an advantage. This session’s mama is in the quiet and strong category and a big part of me wishes I had more of that meekness in me. Her children can rest in it and their home was peaceful. I’m also under no illusion that ANY home is always like that. Life with littles in hard and we all reach our limit. I love when I get a glimpse of families whose flavor is seasoned with that gentleness I so long to taste. It is everything “home” to me.

Sarah Gray Photography, Tallahassee FL newborn family phographerSarah Gray Photography, Tallahassee FL newborn family photographerSarah Gray Photography, Tallahassee FL newborn family photographer

Made Awake-Baby Harbor | Sarah Gray Photography, Tallahassee, FL Newborn Photographer

I’ve been holding onto this beautiful session for a while. I photographed Sarah and Harbor a few months ago and was completely honored when my favorite motherhood online publication accepted my submission for a feature on their blog. It’s such a stunning session and I’m so excited to be among such a beautiful collection of motherhood photographers with a likeminded heart for motherhood and its role.

Please go take a look at my feature on their site and then get lost in all the beauty that The Fount Collective shares.  I share my heart for photographing motherhood there and I’d love for you to read it all. Here’s a tid-bit:

“I am passionate about photographing motherhood because I am passionate about the sacred roles of motherhood. Something miraculous happens in our hearts when we have a baby to call our own. A part of us is made awake that seems to have been resting. A dormant, secluded section that, once aroused, quickly seeps to overflowing all other areas of our heart.”

You’ll have to visit The Fount Collective to read the rest and see more beautiful images from this session.




Baby T | Sarah Gray Photography, Tallahassee, FL newborn and family photographer

When I say that spring is in the air, I absolutely do mean it in the form of new life. Baby T was born and welcomed into his family last month and they are so so excited to have him home!

Z Family, Springtime Family Photos | Sarah Gray Photography, Tallahassee, FL Goodwood Plantation Photographer

A beautiful day, a beautiful location (one of my favorites in town), perfectly cool weather is the recipe for a great family photo session. I met this family at Goodwood Plantation and we walked around taking photos along the way.

Spring is my favorite time of year for family photos. The light is bright and cool, the weather is perfect, and looking back at your spring session pictures will instantly brighten your mood. I did a mommy-and-me spring session when my son was 4 months old and it remains one of my favorites. Naturally, the mama/baby photos in this session are near and dear to my heart.

You need these. To make them accessible, I’ll be offering SPRING MINI SESSIONS and will announce them in the next week. Follow my facebook page to hear specifics and dates. They fill so fast.

Sarah Gray Photography | Tallahassee, FL Family, Baby Goodwood Plantation Photographersarahgrayphotography_0625sarahgrayphotography_0626sarahgrayphotography_0627sarahgrayphotography_0628sarahgrayphotography_0629

The Hubby

This handsome man is my husband.  He stands by my side and watches our kiddos on Saturday mornings while I’m out doing my craft.

Funny story, one of our first Valentines Days, he picked me up to go out to dinner. He was dressed nicely and I answered the door to him with his hands behind his back. Honestly, I was expecting flowers, because, well Valentines Day. When he pulled his hands out from behind his back he was holding…. a bucket of vegetables nestled in tissue paper. I didn’t really know what to think. Typically a girl expects flowers, or chocolates, or some other pretty gesture. I’d never put it together that we link these things because we think something along the lines of, “these flowers are pretty. He thought of me when he picked out these flowers. He thinks I’m pretty like these flowers are pretty.” I realize that reduces the appearance of my thought process down to something embarrassingly simple, and I have not excuse for that. I’d never analyzed before why I wanted flowers for Valentines Day.

HIS thinking was quite the opposite. He wanted to show me a thoughtful gesture, not like all those other dudes “running by Publix on their way home to pick up some flowers for their wife or girlfriend” (I’m guessing he assumed this appeared thoughtless to be done so last minute and without planning on their parts). No, he wouldn’t be like them (although he was because he was in Publix to get flowers when he decided he thought he’d be lame to do the same as every other guy), so instead, he selects various veggies that he knows I’ll be able to use for cooking, because he knows I like to cook. There are obvious flaws in this thought process, but in hindsight I can’t fault him for trying. The day he gave me this bucket of veggies, I didn’t think of any of that, 19 year old Sarah only saw, “veggies. Vegetables aren’t pretty. He doesn’t think I’m pretty.” (also a thought process full of obvious flaws, but… you know, 19 years old). I can remember literally chocking back tears  as I tried to tell wether or not he was serious with his gift.  When he looked at me with such care in his eyes, I realized he was. I had a hard time chocking back tears all evening. We ended up having a lovely dinner at a local restaurant.

A few months later I finally told my best friend about his gift. I’d been too embarrassed to share it in fear of what she would think of him. I know he meant well, but I just couldn’t help but have been hurt by it. I eventually told him how it made me feel and we moved past it.

As a gesture of proof at how far we’ve come since those early, emotional, naive days, he jokingly includes the ugliest root vegetable he can find along with beautiful flowers each Valentines Day. We laugh realizing how young were were, how ridiculous we were, how much life has changed, and how unimportant that event was in the grand scheme of things. ❤


Baby Lucy | Sarah Gray Photography, Tallahassee, FL Newborn Photographer

Precious Lucy was 15 days old when I went to her grandma’s house to photograph her on Saturday morning. She was perfect. Tiny. Smooth skinned. Her mama was glowing and exhausted and so.in.love. with little Lucy.

When I come to a home for a newborn session, there is something so refreshing to me about the newness of life and being so fortunate to be so close to it as often as I am. We stepped inside and went upstairs to a room with a big, bright window that allowed the morning sunlight to pour in. Give me a good window and we can make beautiful images. And I LOVE how these images turned out of sweet Lucy.

Welcome to the world, precious girl.

Sarah Gray Photography | Tallahassee, FL Newborn PhotographerSarah Gray Photography | Tallahassee, FL Newborn PhotographerSarah Gray Photography | Tallahassee, FL Newborn PhotographerSarah Gray Photography | Tallahassee, FL lifestyle Newborn PhotographerSarah Gray Photography | Tallahassee, FL lifestyle Newborn PhotographerSarah Gray Photography | Tallahassee, FL Newborn PhotographerSarah Gray Photography | Tallahassee, FL Newborn Photographer


Zoe, 6 months

This sweet girl is getting cuter and cuter. Her family lives in Atlanta and I get the blessing of photographing her every three months (as part of the baby plan) when she’s down here to visit grandparents. We met at my favorite local park, Dorothy B. Oven Park, and spent some time under the beautiful oak trees taking pictures of her newest milestones. She’s a doll. Also, her mama is dear to my heart. When my own girls were babies, she was a blessing for a few hours each Monday morning so I could get out of the house and run errands, go sneak off somewhere and edit photos, or just take a breather. A wise woman once told me that one of the ways you successfully make it though the early years of parenting your sweet babies it by taking a lot of breaks. That advice has proven to be one of the many keys to making those earliest years most enjoyable. I love my babies hard, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need mommy-time too. Zoe’s mama was the vessel that provided those moments of respite for me early on and I am forever thankful for her.

Happy 6 months, Zoe!

Sarah Gray Photography | Dorothy B. Oven Park, Tallahassee, FL family, baby, baby plan photogrpaherSarah Gray Photography | Dorothy B. Oven Park, Tallahassee, FL family, baby, baby plan photogrpaherzoeguthrie6mo_web-3zoeguthrie6mo_web-4zoeguthrie6mo_web-5zoeguthrie6mo_web-6Sarah Gray Photography | Dorothy B. Oven Park, Tallahassee, FL family, baby, baby plan photogrpaher

2016 Holiday Mini Session

I’m so excited to be offering these again! Havana Christmas Tree Farm…. I mean, it’s the place of dreams and incredible childhood memories. I’ll be at 4 locations this November to photograph your family. These fill up so fast!

Sarah Gray Photography | Tallahassee, FL Holiday Mini Session Photographer

Alford Park Greenway

Session specifics:

  • $30 session fee (due at booking)
  • 20 minute session at Havana Christmas Tree Farm, Alford Park, Southwood Park, or Maclay Gardens (depending on date)
  • online gallery of all edited images ready for viewing and ordering, at least 10 images (prints and digital files purchased separately)
Sarah Gray Photography | Tallahassee, FL Holiday Mini Session Photographer, Havana Christmas Tree Farm

Havana Christmas Tree Farm

Package options:

  • 25 custom, double sided Christmas cards using images from your session AND instant download of 1 file: $125.
  • Instant download of 3 files: $150
  • Instant download all files (minimum of 10 images): $200
  • Grandparents gift sets, 4-5×7” prints, AND 1-11×14” print: $150
Sarah Gray Photography | Tallahassee, FL Holiday Mini Session Photographer, Maclay Gardens State Park

Maclay Gardens Sate Park

When and Where?
Havana Christmas Tree Farm – November, 4 AND November 5
Maclay Gardens – November 12
Southwood Park – November 19
Alford Park – November 26

If you have your heart set on your session at the Havana Christmas Tree Farm and all the session dates are full, just email and we will make it happen.  I can’t wait to see you and your kiddos this fall!

Sarah Gray Photography | Tallahassee, FL Holiday Mini Session Photographer, Southwood Park

Southwood Park

Ready to book? CLICK HERE to see all date and time options and sign up. Email will be sent to you with a paypal invoice to pay your session fee. All packages will be purchased after your session via the online viewing gallery of your images.